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Centres and Labolatory

National Meteorological Protection (CMOK)

National Meteorological Protection (CMOK) carries out actions in terms of working out forecasts and meteorological warnings for people, economy and state defence.

We ensure and conduct:

  • meteorological service, consisting of short- and medium-term forecasts
  • forecasts of dangerous meteorological phenomena, warnings and statements
  • working out nowcasting (ultra short-term) forecasts, based on models with high time and spatial resolution
  • working out special forecasts represented by long-term, biometeorological and agrometeorological
  • participation in Regional Warning System – RSO
  • participation in domestic System of Contamination and Alarming Detection
  • agrometeorological forecasts
  • biometeorological forecasts
  • long-term forecasts

National Hydrological Protection (CHOK)

National Hydrological Protection (CHOK) carries out operations in terms of hydrological protection, conducts analyses, shares hydrological information and carries out research and development works.

We ensure and conduct:

  • maintaining continuity and care for quality of domestic hydrological protection
  • creating and developing hydrological products, including system of forecasts and warnings against natural disasters
  • cooperation with public authorities and national crisis management institutions
  • continuous contact with domestic and international hydrological services in terms of hydrological protection
  • implementing new methodical, technological and organizational solutions in terms of forecasting and warning hydrological system
  • strategies and analyses of early warning for forecasting floods and droughts
  • advisory over construction and development of IT products supporting crisis management throughout the country, as well as modelling hydrological phenomena and processes, including prognostic operational models
  • educational activities, including trainings with use Monitor IMGW-PIB application for early warning against dangerous meteorological and hydrological phenomena on national and regional level
  • participation in domestic and international research and implementation projects
  • expertise and studies on hydrological conditions and flood and drought risk of national, trans-regional and European scale

Furthermore we run current audit on:

  • quality of hydrological protection over specific country area
  • working out and distributing current hydrological information in the form of statements, bulletins, forecasts and warnings
  • determining warning and alert levels in water gauge profiles
  • verification methodology of rating curves in water gauge profiles
  • methods of assessment and forecasting extreme flows
  • working out hydrological annual materials

We carry out hydrological assessments and opinions on behalf of public administration bodies and commercial entities, including:

  • transferring hydrological information in the form of historical and operational data from stations
  • working out the characteristic values
  • preparing studies for catchment areas
  • information on domestic surface waters resources
  • other requests and extraordinary studies on hydrological data
  • professional supervision over IT products and tools used in hydrology
  • factual supervision over works concerning creating and developing software
  • hydrological and hydraulic modelling of floods and droughts, as well as working out assessments of impact of planned activities on flood, drought or water shortage risk
  • conducting spatial analyses of hydrological phenomena

Meteorological Protection of Civil Aviation (MOLC)

Meteorological Protection of Civil Aviation (MOLC) provides a meteorological shield for civil aviation in the field of air shield and supervision over meteorological conditions over the area of Poland. In order to meet these objectives, we cooperate with the National Agency for Air Navigation (PANSA) and the Civil Aviation Office (ULC). We offer 24/7 online service with all available information for aviation –

We ensure:

  • carrying out measurements and meteorological observations
  • working out meteorological forecasts for aviation
  • issuing meteorological warnings for aviation
  • informing about atmospheric conditions and issuing aviation-meteorological documentation for air crews or other air personnel
  • working out air climatic data

Within the MOLC structure there are two offices of meteorological forecasts and 13 Aerodrome Meteorological Stations: Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Katowice, Cracow, Lodz, Poznan, Rzeszow, Szczecin, Warsaw – Chopin and Modlin airports, Wroclaw, Zielona Gora and Lublin.

Report on activities within MOLC area in 2018

Dam Monitoring Service (CTKZ)

Dam Monitoring Service (CTKZ) carries out operations for controlling technical condition and safety status of hydraulic structures and dams throughout Poland.

We ensure:

  • conducting research, measurements and assessment of technical condition and safety status of hydraulic structures
  • working out periodic and current reports for government authorities concerning technical condition and safety status of hydraulic structures
  • running weirs database, including technical data, location information, legal status, technical condition and safety status of these facilities
  • improving measurement methods for assessing technical condition of hydraulic structures
  • analysing and verifying guidelines concerning research, measurement and assessment of technical condition and safety status of hydraulic structures, based on current technical knowledge

We offer:

  • reviews of hydraulic structures
  • measurement, research, expertise concerning technical conditions and safety status of hydraulic structures
  • verification of measurement systems
  • reports for local authorities
  • designing control-measurement equipment of hydraulic structures

We offer (commercially)

  • reviews of hydraulic structures
  • measurement, research, expertise concerning technical conditions and safety status of hydraulic structures
  • verification of measurement systems
  • reports for local authorities
  • designing control-measurement equipment of hydraulic structures
  • chemical checks of water, sewage and sediments

Centre of Hydrological and Meteorological Measurement and Observation Network (CHMSPO)

The aim of Centre of Hydrological and Meteorological Measurement and Observation Network (CHMSPO) is to maintain, supervise and coordinate operation of IMGW-PIB network for measurement and observation, which means managing almost 1700 stations: hydrological, meteorological, atmospheric and radars. Moreover, the centre implements the instructions of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and takes care of meeting procedures and guidelines of measurement and observation.

We ensure and conduct:

  • supervision, maintenance, modernization and coordination of measurement and observation network operations, including current inspections
  • substantive supervision over measurement and observations service operations
  • development, modernization and improvement of components
  • monitoring procedures, guidelines and instructions for measurement and observation, as well as implementing recommendations of World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  • supervision over standard, uniform (technically and substantially) measurement devices
  • organizing field tests of measurement equipment, workshops and thematic trainings
  • purchase of equipment and measurement gear
  • carrying out educational activities in the scope of hydrology and meteorology
  • supervision and control over processes of acquiring, processing, collecting and archiving hydrological and meteorological measurements and observations
  • maintaining and developing operational and historical database
  • conducting expertise and sharing data (historical and operational)

IT Department

IT Department takes care of maintaining an efficient communications infrastructure, purchasing the licences, IT services, keeping the data safe, as well as administration and network of IMGW-PIB.

Basic operations of IT Department include:

  • administering and developing information and communication infrastructure services
  • managing the catalogue of information and communication infrastructure services
  • delivering and maintaining IMGW-PIB services
  • managing availability, continuity and capacity of Institute’s information and communication infrastructure
  • managing safety
  • monitoring information and communication infrastructure, including managing incidents and problems

Furthermore we ensure:

  • current upkeep of IT systems (general and specialist)
  • contracting, executive oversight and clearance of IT services
  • preparing and completing common procurement (award public procurement in accordance with Public Procurement Act)
  • supporting users in operating equipment and systems
  • analysing data for planning IT solutions
  • diagnosing users and business clients needs
  • developing guidelines for changes in IT systems
  • carrying out new and developing current IT systems
  • professional support, infrastructure and preparation of adequate resources to maintain the systems
  • LAN network service in terms of telecommunication service

Administration Department

Administration Department works on administration, management and comprehensive services for the headquarters of IMGW-PIB, field offices and other local divisions. Furthermore, the duties of the department include: control over Legal Department, Public Procurement Department, managing the property of IMGW-PIB, car fleet, coordination of actions within the Institute, keeping a professional cleaning and security services.

Central Laboratory of Measurement Equipment (CLAP)

Central Laboratory of Measurement Equipment (CLAP) carries out specialized test and services within the scope of calibration of instruments for measuring: relative humidity, temperature, pressure, speed and direction of the wind, as well as water flow within the technical capabilities of the laboratory.

Laboratory operations include:
* calibration of devices for measurement of: relative humidity (HCB post), temperature (TCB and TS posts), pressure (PCB posts), wind speed and direction (TATB post) and water flow (MH stand)
* carrying out calibration services stated above for internal and external clients
* maintaining laboratory’s measurement appliances, designed for carrying out calibrations (including models) in conditions that allow reliable calibration process

The laboratory carries out operations according to the requirements of ISO PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard – „General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”. It also has been accredited by Polish Centre of Accreditation (PCA) – certificate no. AIP126 (with a right to use the ILAC MRA trademark).

Accreditation covers calibration of devices for measurements of: relative humidity (hydrometers, humidity transmitters), temperature (electric thermometers, temperature transmitters, sensors of resistance thermometers) and pressure (electronic pressure manometers).