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IMGW Business Offer


Forecasts and analyses of hydrological and meteorological conditions, as well as assessments of terrestrial and maritime environment condition, which facilitate the operations in various economy sectors.

Taking up optimal decisions in administering different economy sectors, based on dedicated products.

Hydrological and meteorological conditions, the state of environment and the influence of objects and investments on the environment have strategic impact on various economy sectors.

Our products will allow to adjust a demand for energy, manage water resources and help to resolve the outstanding issues by way of compensation.


  • Sending current weather data.
  • Working out dedicated text forecasts by the meteorologist, up to 7 days.
  • Issuing model short- and long-term forecasts with text generating for specific area.
  • Season forecasts for 3-4 months (precipitation and temperature regarding long-period standards).
  • Working out maps of flood risk.
  • Hydraulic structures control.
  • Determining areas endangered with flash floods.
  • Assessment of marine environment condition, in accordance with current legislation.
  • Hydrodynamic modelling, rainfall-runoff.


  • Hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic expertise and studies on various climatological elements, based on stored archive data.
  • Reports on quality and condition of land and marine environment.
  • Expertise on snow load on the ground.
  • Statement of archive observation-measurement data.

Access to current information concerning changes of hydrological and meteorological conditions, including current alerts sharing.

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