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Planning means an improvement of safety and effectiveness of carried out works.

Taking up optimal decisions when planning undertakings in various sectors of economy.

Hydrological and meteorological conditions have impact on all business areas. It is necessary to have reliable and precise tool for observing changes occurring in weather.

Conscious investment management will allow avoiding unnecessary losses and changes in schedule, especially in last moment.


  • Spatial display of weather data.
  • Recognising flood risks.
  • Scenarios of climate change.
  • Assessment of big industrial emissions impact.
  • Assessment of environmental impact in terms of air quality.
  • Assessment of environmental impact in terms of spatial distribution of biogenic substances in the Gdansk Bay.
  • Diagnosis and forecast of impact of communication emissions from aviation on air quality.
  • Modelling the field of pollution emissions for periodic assessments of air quality.
  • Assessment of meteorological and climatological background of area under study in terms of air quality conditions.
  • Determining Qp% ordinates for the needs of construction and reconstruction of bridges, express roads and hydrotechnical constructions (including levees).
  • Hydrological calculations for the needs of fish farms (fish ponds) operations and water extraction for the agricultural needs.
  • Model forecasts of water level.
  • Flow forecasts for selected rivers.
  • Short- and medium-term model forecasts with 1 h and 3 h step.
  • Model forecasts of wave motion.
  • Forecasts of pollutions spread.
  • Working out text forecasts by a forecaster up to 7 days.


  • Hydrological, meteorological and oceanographical expertise and studies on various climatological elements, based on collected archive data.
  • Expertise on snow ground load.
  • Determining optimal conditions for investments.
  • Archive analyses of wave motion from the numeric model.

Access to current information concerning changes of hydrological and meteorological conditions, including current alerts and communication sharing.

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