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Since 1919 we have been forecasting weather, conducting analyses and research work. Weather and climate are among the most important topics in the modern world. We are the Institute gathering high-class professionals and we have necessary infrastructure to do our job.

Our mission is to inform the society and organizations about weather conditions – meteorological and hydrological, climate change and all factors that impact the current weather in Poland.

The main task of IMGW-PIB is to ensure meteorological cover over Poland. To do so, the IMGW Monitor has been created – a service for all national operational services and administration bodies. Within the statutory activities we carry out, work out and present weather prognoses, warnings against dangerous phenomena in the atmosphere, as well as unprecedented occurrences we must be ready for in upcoming years. IMGW-PIB experts and specialists are continuously analysing data, modifying forecast models and search for new ways of forecasting future conditions of Poland, Europe and the world.

We are the member of numerous international organizations. We represent Poland in WMO (World Meteorological Organization) or Eumetsat (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites). We take part in research work from the Arctic to Africa. Our measurement-observation and research network covers the whole country. The Institute prepares for many challenges. A new infrastructure, modern communication platforms, as well as wide range of services and forecasting models will be adjusted to expectations of partners, institutions, clients and the society.

IMGW-PIB in numbers:

  • 1400 specialists and experts
  • 2000 ground measurement points
  • Over 850 synoptic and climatological stations
  • Over 850 rainfall stations
  • 63 hydrological-meteorological stations
  • 3 areological stations
  • 8 meteorological radars
  • 12 detection stations localizing lightnings
  • r/v Baltica maritime research vessel

Our mission

  • We conduct systematic hydrological and meteorological measurements and observations with basic network of stations and posts, as well as special measurement stations.
  • We issue prognoses and warnings for population cover, public administration and various services, including military and economic.
  • We analyse and share domestic and international measurement and observation materials.
  • We work out the assessment of technical condition and safety of weirs against natural and construction disasters.
  • We forecast the quality of water resources and atmospheric pollution.
  • We take part in activities of World Meteorological Organization and other UN agencies.
  • We carry out research works for public administration in fields of: meteorology, hydrology, oceanology, water economy and engineering, quality of water resources.
  • We cooperate with domestic and international organizations and institutions.
  • We organize symposia and scientific conferences, as well as conduct publishing activity.